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Where we believe not in a religion but a relationship with the risen Lord!

About us...

This ministry began in 2005 with a promise from the Lord. I tried to bring it about myself when I received the promise, not realizing that God had already laid out the plan through a series of miracles one right behind the other. If God promises you something, stay away from it, let him work it out. You don't have a better plan for your life than God does!

Like Sarah, I tried several ways to bring the promise about but I failed at all of them. So, I decided to put it back in the hands of the Lord to accomplish what I could not. He was glad when I got out of his way. The first miracle was the land that we live on. We had paid for it several times. On this land we had two houses, one we lived in and the other was used for storage. The second miracle through my years of evangelism, I had preached for some young people who had started a church. They had decided after two or three years to shut their church down and return to a larger church. They voted unanimously among themselves to give to me their new chairs, their sound system, their pulpit, and their offering bags. I was thrilled but was unsure about what to do with all my new goodies but they said that they weren't through. They then presented me with a check to start the remodeling process.

For a year after, I received money in the mail every month which helped me nearly finish the remodel and when the money would run out and we needed more, God sent it miraculously! We did all we could ourselves but we soon came upon things that were beyond our knowledge like plumbing and electrical work, trimming, and the like. We were stumped for a while until God moved again. The third miracle was that one Saturday morning, volunteers showed up to help finish the church. They would take no money and stayed until the work was finished. A local concrete company donated the concrete for the front porch and walk way.

In April 2007 we held our first service and have since added on to the building. We have also added to our ministry with HPM India where we have 5 churches, a street ministry and orphanage. We also have had a jail ministry for roughly 13 years training people to go into the jails seeking the lost. We currently have men and women that go in and minister weekly. We are seeing souls saved and backsliders coming back to the Lord on a regular basis. We also distribute bibles in the jail.

We are fully aware of the soon return of Jesus and need your prayers in helping us accomplish all that God has called us to do.  




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