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 We are currently partnered with Pastor Raju and his wife in Southern India. We have been in ministry with them for the past 7 years and we are growing together. Many souls have been won through this ministry. Through this ministry we have 3 churches which have evangelistic street ministries winning souls for Jesus on a regular basis. We also have an orphanage that we try to help and support. We are expecting great things in 2014! If you would like to help us support this awesome cause, feel free to click the donations link. They are in constant need of bibles for the souls they are bringing into the Kingdom and the children are in constant need of education materials as well as clothes and food. If you cannot donate, please be in prayer for us and this work for the Lord. If you have any questions concerning this ministry, please feel free to e-mail us.

Pastor Raju's Testimony...

I received God's call on May 6, 1990 at the age of 20. I lost my parents when I was one year old and I grew up at the orphanage. I was from a Hindu community before coming to Jesus. I was an idol worshiper. My secular education was Degree B. A Bachelor of Administration. When I completed my studies, I began doing labor work for a daily wage. I was a rod bender building iron pillars and roofing work. I worked for a company called RC Roof. When I was doing building work on June 12, 1989, I was working on top of the building over the third floor and I fell from there. I was unconscious and was admitted to the hospital. After two days of treatment I became conscious and I started praying to the idols for my healing and to save my body and soul from death. I got no answer from the idols I was worshiping. After nearly a week, there was still no answer from the idols. I chose then to reject all the idols because they gave no answer. 

Then after two days, I began praying like this, "If any real God is there, please come to me and save me from death." On June 20, 1989 while in a deep sleep, I saw a man in the dream. He had a big beard and He had a big coat from his shoulders to his feet. I could hear that He was calling my name. He said, my son Raju, I am the real God. My name is Jesus Christ. If you will believe me, I will save you from death and will heal you from your wounds. When He was speaking to me, I woke up and looked around my bed but no one was there. The next morning there was a Pastor that had come to pray for the sick people in the hospital. I called him in and told what happened in the night. He told me that it was Jesus and if I would believe Him, he would save and heal me. The Pastor prayed for me and I got a little bit of healing. I was able to get out of bed and eat some food. Every day the Pastor came to me and prayed for me. After one month, I had recovered from my injuries and I went to the church every day. 

From 1989 to 1992 I became a believer in the church and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I was also giving my testimony to different people who didn't know Jesus. On December 31, 1992 at a watch night service, the Lord called me to His ministry. I told my Pastor about my call and he encouraged me to go to the Bible college. In 1993, I went to the Bible college. At that time, some brothers and sisters helped me with money, clothes, and books for my bible training. I trained at the college from 1993 to 1995. While I was there, I had no money to pay my fees so I worked for them. The first year I worked cleaning toilets. The second year I did grounds keeping and the third year I worked doing laundry and ironing for the Director's family and the Principal's family. In 1995 I completed Bible training. I had fasted three days and asked the Lord where He wanted me to go and preach the Gospel. The Lord spoke to me the third night to go to Machilipatnam Town. He said they needed the Gospel and for me to go and preach the good news to those people. 

On April 17, 1995, I married my good wife and we came to the ministry in Machilipatnam. Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, by the grace of God, we are doing ministry in three churches and 150 congregational members which is working in town and remote rural areas (villages) in Andhra Pradesh State in Southern India winning souls to Christ for the kingdom of God. I have been in ministry since 1995 as a full time Pastor and we have been planting new churches in the different areas for 18 years. These churches are working by faith and it all started with the Word of God and with the Holy Spirit. We are in the Way of victory in all situations by the grace of God. We have many difficulties from the Hindu and other religious people so we ask that you please pray for our ministry here. 

Thanking You,

Pastor Y. Raju

Our e-mail is : moresoulsforchrist@yahoo.com


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